I received my PhD from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, focusing on machine learning solutions for niche biomedical challenges. I simultaneously pursued two research projects in the “Human Computer Interactions” and “Robotics and Control” laboratories, led by Prof. Sidney Fels and Prof. Purang Abolmaesumi, respectively.

I started my academic journey in Software Engineering, and switched to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the master’s and PhD studies.
I carry 7+ years of experience in research and applied aspects of machine learning. My PhD work focuses on representation learning, 3D shape completion, computer vision, and reinforcement learning, and their applications in the biomedical domain.

I am a builder who is entertained when his creations are used by other developers or clients, even if it’s a simple TensorFlow Weight Converter or a Disentanglement library for PyTorch. I still enjoy every bit of software engineering with 10+ years of experience and the flexibility of leveraging programming languages as mere tools to transform my thoughts into working applications.

Main research interests: Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing

Programming Languages C++, Python, Java, C#, MATLAB, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift
Machine Learning Libraries PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Scikit-learn
Web Frameworks Django, Flask
Cloud Infrastructure AWS, and some limited experiences with GCP and Azure
Others Bash shell scripting, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, SVN, Database Design